Windows will uninstall some optimization programs

Windows is the leading operating system in all world’s computers, but it’s not exempted of problems. One of them is the slowness in some computers, a problem that users try to solve with Windows cleaning and speed up programs, at least supposedly. However, Microsoft has decided that many of them aren’t trustworthy.

Windows Defender will soon block and uninstall some of these Windows optimization programs. According to Microsoft, they are not really cleaning anything and they don’t speed up your computer, but they mark as expendable some files that are totally needed by the operating system to work correctly.

The objetive of these programs is not that your computer works better, but to scare you with fake threaths for you to update to its paid version. This is totally necessary if you want to get rid of these files that are slowing down your computer in theory.

Microsoft believes that optimization programs are doing more bad than good and that they also take advantage of inexperts users, so they will be unistalled automatically. We have known this thanks to Ars Technica, even though it hasn’t published any names of Windows cleaning apps that are already in crosshair.

There are many apps that promise to clean the registry, cookies or temporary files that work fine and are trusted. Surely Microsoft won’t block them, but it will put the attention into the ones with more suspicious origin. The most popular of all is without a doubt is CCleaner, even though is not the only one.

This measure will come fully true since March 1st 2018, according to what the company has published in a very harsh tone. There is no doubt that in Microsoft they are worried about the presense of third party softwares into their system, practically out of their control. The intention of this company and all the sector is to create ecosystems as closed as possible, especially focusing on the studants.

From this comes the recent announcement of the realeases of Windows 10 S limited version of SO which focus in the Microsoft Store Software.

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