Windows 10 has an urgent update that you need to not ignore

There is an important Windows 10 security update that you should install right now. If you are worried about the vulnerability in Intel, AMD and ARM processors that was discovered last month, start downloading the patch published today by Microsoft. It is an improved version over that which was released some weeks ago.

It appears, and has admitted by Intel itself, that the patches against Spectre in Windows 10 that have been published so far did not function very well, leading to an exasperating slowness in PC’s, abrupt restarts and other errors which led the company to advise against the update, something fairly paradoxical.

The most affected processors by mistakes in the design of the previous patches have been the ones of high ends, such as, the 7th generation Kaby Lake. The SoC manufacturer hopes to be able to start distributing completely error-free processors before end of the year.

Even though for now this urgent update against Spectre for Windows 10 hasn’t yet arrived to the updates center, Microsoft has uploaded it to its website for anyone to download it. This is the KB4078130 and surely it will begin to deploy massively in a matter of hours or days.

It is possible that we are facing a stable and maybe definitive solution against vulnerabilities in Intel’s proccessors, at least against the Spectre variant, the most dangerous of the two discovered by Google at beginning of the month. The damages hasn’t been that many as expected, at least at user level. If we focus in data bases and companies, the thing changes.

That many patches have been necessary to kind of solving a problem of this type don’t redounds in benefit to Intel or Microsoft, whose reputation might be seriously damaged. However, we have to know that the exploits affect the SoC Kernel, a very complete and sofisticated software component.

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