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   Recently Sony launched the Sony Tablet SDK Add-on kit, in order to make the Android Operating System even more developer-friendly.  With the help of this kit, devs are now able to manipulate some of the special features found in Sony Tablet  S & P or Xperia Tablet.

   The Sony Tablet SDK Add-on includes code examples and emulators for Small Apps, the IR remote sensor and the dual screen functionality (only on Sony Tablet P).

   In order to install the Sony SDK Add-on follow the instructions below. The easiest ways to install the Sony Tablet SDK Add-on is by following the install instructions from the Android SDK manager. Written below are 11 easy steps that will guide through the rest of the installation process.


sdkaddonsetup_step1 Sony tablet

Step 1.
Start the Android SDK Manager in Eclipse by navigating to Windows > Android SDK Manager.

sdkaddonsetup_step2 Sony tablet

Step 2: The Android SDK Manager wizard will open.

sdkaddonsetup_step3 Sony Tablet

Step 3.
Click Tools in the menu row at the top of the Android SDK Manager window.

sdkaddonsetup_step4 Sony Tablet

Step 4 & 5 .
Select Manage Add-on Sites and Click the User Defined Sites

sdkaddonsetup_step6 Sony Tablet

Step 6.
Select New on the displayed dialog.

sdkaddonsetup_step7 Sony Tablets SDK

Step 7.
Enter the following URL in the Add Add-on Site URL dialog: Then click OK.

sdkaddonsetup_step8 Sony Tablet SDK

Step 8.
The Add-on Sites will display the User-Defined Sites. Click Close.

sdkaddonsetup_step9 Sony Tablet SDK

Step 9.
Check the packages by confirming that Sony Mobile Communications AB displays in one of the fields.

sdkaddonsetup_step10 Sony Tablet SDK

Step 10.
Expand the field that displays Sony Mobile Communications AB, and select the checkbox for Sony Tablet SDK Add-on, then click Install 1 Package.

sdkaddonsetup_step11 SDK Sony Tablet

Step 11.
Exit the Android SDK Manager. The Sony Tablet SDK Add-on is now installed.

Congratulations, if you’ve followed step-by-step the pictures above now you should be able to start developing apps for your Sony Tablet. These include the following:


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