New Operating System for Sony Tablet S & P ( Android 4.0.3)

Considering that this update was released as a try to keep in pace with the race of technology (keeping in mind that this product is a direct competitor of Apple’s Ipad) , the Sony Tablet S and Sony Tablet P had their software updated with Android 4.0.3 OS, also known as Ice Cream Sandwitch. The most important benefit of this upgrade is the fact that the tablets have a streamlined user interface, with a drag&drop folder creation and also the multi-tasking and the internet browser was considerably improved.

After you install the update on your Tablet PC ,  Sony Tablet users will also notice that they can  directly access and view content stored on removable full-sized SD card. This makes Sony Tablet an even more attractive choice for viewing photos and video clips shot on a digital camera or camcorder.  Just slip your camera’s SD card into Sony Tablet and enjoy on the detail-packed touchscreen – or store and share online with PlayMemories, the cloud-based service from Sony.

The software upgrade was initially scheduled for April and later was delayed on 24th of May, yet this software upgrade was released in June.

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