Movistar renovates Smart Wifi: its amplifier now works in 5 GHz

The Movistar WiFi repeater, its videobridge, has a new version. The telecommunications operator has released this new model that, besides it changed its form and now has a more compact circular desing, it improved its technical especifications. Mainly, because now it also repeats the signal over 5 GHz produced by the router to which it is connected. The previous one only used it to link, and it repeated just in 2,4 GHz.

Even though we can use multiple options about equipment for domestic network, the telecommunications operator offers its own options. One of these options is the Smart WiFi device, which basically is a wireless WiFi signal repeater. It works over the 2,4 GHz and 5 GHz band, and in this case it doesn’t use the 5 GHz band only for connection with the origin point. This means, we can connect to the Smart Wifi in the 5 GHz band if we count with compatibles devices.

The Movistar Smart WiFi gain connection over 5 GHz, but loses an Ethernet port

The bad news is that it loses a Ethernet port. These type of devices are offen used to extend the WiFi network, as it is a repeater. However, there is some people that uses it to carry cable to devices which are far way from the router without any speed loos. Precisely because of the 5 GHz connection between origin and destination, which allows to reach the real 300 Mbps in the destination when it is connected by cable. Anyway, we are going to be able to keep using it in this way, but only with one Ethernet port.

For example, if you want to connect a computer and a video console, you don’t count with two Ethernet ports as the previous Movistar videobrigde used to offer. These are the two main diferences between previous model and this new Smart WiFi, besides it inevitably changes the design of the internal antennas. On this website you can ask for the operator, and it has a price of 50 euros plus 7,30 euros for shipping costs.

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