Corsair launches the Gaming T2 Warrior chairs, the evolution of the T1 Race

For gaming, not only gaming laptop, but also a great chairs is important. The gaming peripherals manufacturer for personal computers, Corsair, has just launched its new Gaming T2 Warrior chair. This new chair pretends to be an evolution of its successful initial model, the Corsair T1 Race, correcting the little issues which had appeared with the first model and making the chair a lot more comfortable.

We can’t deny that Corsair T1 Race was a great way for Corsair to getting into the gaming chairs segment by the big door. And, even though with some issues as we could expect from the first aventure in a segment which until that moment was unknown for the brand, Corsair listened to the users comments and all the received feedback, determined to correct them and be able to launch to the market a much better model than this one, but keeping the esence of a chair that had gained lots of awards according to hardware analysts.

The first thing that always characterized the T1 Race is its impressive comfort. A comfort which Corsair has wanted to keep in the T2 Warrior, since there are just few more important things for a gamer than be able to feel comfortable while playing a game. And, specially, when he spends so many hours in front of the monitor, where he always has to be attentive to what happens on the screen.


The T2 Warrior will be that simple to assemble as its predecessor

To give the maximum robustness and resistance, the Corsair T2 Warrior uses a solid steel internal tube estructure that goes through both the base and the chair backrest. This allows the chair to support big weights continuously without deform itself. Of course, it will also asure the resistance and durability of it for many years.

The backrest capacity to bend down has also been mantained up to 170 degrees, which allows user to practically lie down if he wishes.

Something that has been improved compared to the previous model is that both the backrest and the seat, made of polyurethane, are now perforated to improve breathability and comfort, especially when the high summer temperatures arrives, which in some zones of Spain are really criminals, and having synthetic leather underneath, it’s not something you would want that much.

Corsair hasn’t give any data about when they will start the Gaming T2 Warrior sale, but they have do informed that its sell price will be 399$, 50$ more than the previous T1 RACE. What we can say to you is that the brand has sent to us one of the chairs so we can prove it firsthand, so you will be able to read our review here very soon.

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