Corsair launches the Gaming T2 Warrior chairs, the evolution of the T1 Race

For gaming, not only gaming laptop, but also a great chairs is important. The gaming peripherals manufacturer for personal computers, Corsair, has just launched its new Gaming T2 Warrior chair. This new chair pretends to be an evolution of its successful initial model, the Corsair T1 Race, correcting the little issues which had appeared with the first model and making the chair a lot more comfortable.

We can’t deny that Corsair T1 Race was a great way for Corsair to getting into the gaming chairs segment by the big door. And, even though with some issues as we could expect from the first aventure in a segment which until that moment was unknown for the brand, Corsair listened to the users comments and all the received feedback, determined to correct them and be able to launch to the market a much better model than this one, but keeping the esence of a chair that had gained lots of awards according to hardware analysts. Continue reading “Corsair launches the Gaming T2 Warrior chairs, the evolution of the T1 Race”

Movistar renovates Smart Wifi: its amplifier now works in 5 GHz

The Movistar WiFi repeater, its videobridge, has a new version. The telecommunications operator has released this new model that, besides it changed its form and now has a more compact circular desing, it improved its technical especifications. Mainly, because now it also repeats the signal over 5 GHz produced by the router to which it is connected. The previous one only used it to link, and it repeated just in 2,4 GHz.

Even though we can use multiple options about equipment for domestic network, the telecommunications operator offers its own options. One of these options is the Smart WiFi device, which basically is a wireless WiFi signal repeater. It works over the 2,4 GHz and 5 GHz band, and in this case it doesn’t use the 5 GHz band only for connection with the origin point. This means, we can connect to the Smart Wifi in the 5 GHz band if we count with compatibles devices.

The Movistar Smart WiFi gain connection over 5 GHz, but loses an Ethernet port

The bad news is that it loses a Ethernet port. These type of devices are offen used to extend the WiFi network, as it is a repeater. However, there is some people that uses it to carry cable to devices which are far way from the router without any speed loos. Precisely because of the 5 GHz connection between origin and destination, which allows to reach the real 300 Mbps in the destination when it is connected by cable. Anyway, we are going to be able to keep using it in this way, but only with one Ethernet port.

For example, if you want to connect a computer and a video console, you don’t count with two Ethernet ports as the previous Movistar videobrigde used to offer. These are the two main diferences between previous model and this new Smart WiFi, besides it inevitably changes the design of the internal antennas. On this website you can ask for the operator, and it has a price of 50 euros plus 7,30 euros for shipping costs.

Windows will uninstall some optimization programs

Windows is the leading operating system in all world’s computers, but it’s not exempted of problems. One of them is the slowness in some computers, a problem that users try to solve with Windows cleaning and speed up programs, at least supposedly. However, Microsoft has decided that many of them aren’t trustworthy.

Windows Defender will soon block and uninstall some of these Windows optimization programs. According to Microsoft, they are not really cleaning anything and they don’t speed up your computer, but they mark as expendable some files that are totally needed by the operating system to work correctly. Continue reading “Windows will uninstall some optimization programs”

Windows 10 has an urgent update that you need to not ignore

There is an important Windows 10 security update that you should install right now. If you are worried about the vulnerability in Intel, AMD and ARM processors that was discovered last month, start downloading the patch published today by Microsoft. It is an improved version over that which was released some weeks ago.

It appears, and has admitted by Intel itself, that the patches against Spectre in Windows 10 that have been published so far did not function very well, leading to an exasperating slowness in PC’s, abrupt restarts and other errors which led the company to advise against the update, something fairly paradoxical. Continue reading “Windows 10 has an urgent update that you need to not ignore”

The United States are investigating Apple for slowing down their iPhones

Apple has already announced that with iOS 11.3 will arrive the definitive solution for their slowing iPhone problem. Before that, they announced a special replacement program with which changing the battery of our device for a new one will be more affordable than usual. In the meantime, investigations regarding the company continue. Now, it is the Department of Justice of the US together with the Securities and Exchange Commission who are investigating the problem.

After months of suspicion, the Cupertino company has admitted that they have slowed down their iPhonessome of them—. According to their explanation, this measure was taken because of the weakening of the ion lithium batteries that they use, in favor of the users’ experience. As the batteries weaken, the phones’ performance weakens, so they considered reducing the velocity of the processor —its maximum clock frequency— to avoid problems with restarts or shut downs, for example. But they didn’t inform users about it.

The United States joins the investigation of Apple and its slowing down of its older iPhones

According to Bloomberg, at the moment the investigation is in an early phase, but is studying whether the Cupertino company did something against the law or not, when it slowed down its devices. In other countries, there are also investigations about possible planned obsolescence. And in other countries, similar processes have already begun against Apple and other manufacturers of smartphones. Regarding this, although Apple has given explanations, they have denied ‘cutting short’ the life of their units.

One of the biggest problems that Apple faces is the suspicion that the slowdowns have been a way of ‘channeling’ in favor of their newer units. That is to say, a form of planned obsolescence as part of a strategy to make the users replace their old phones with whichever of the new models are being marketed. Whatever the case may be, they are being investigated in various countries, and little by little the different conclusions will become known in legal terms.

Sony officially launched the long-awaited Sony Tablet S for as low as $390

All of Sony’s innovations folded in one “Honeycomb” Android Tablet PC. With an 8 hour and 35 minutes battery lifetime, Sony’s new tablet S could be a serious rival for Apple’s Ipad.

The new Sony Tablet-S runs on Android 3.1 Honeycomb and its equipped with a NVIDIA Tegra 2 dual-core 1.0 Ghz processor. ($390 for 16GB, $499 for 32GB) will access Sony’s music, book, and video stores, and it comes with two PlayStation games – Crash Bandicoot and Pinball Heroes on your tablet.-with more on the way. You can even use the Tablet S as a universal remote. Read on to find out if this slate was worth the wait. If you want to buy a laptop at this price, this article will help you.

This is the first PlayStation® Certified tablet ever, which means you getout-of-the-box gaming with PlayStation favourites Crash Bandicoot and Pinball Heroes, plus the opportunity to download** games from the original PlayStation® titles online. There are also thousands of Android™ games to download at Android™ Market. Continue reading “Sony officially launched the long-awaited Sony Tablet S for as low as $390”

New Operating System for Sony Tablet S & P ( Android 4.0.3)

Considering that this update was released as a try to keep in pace with the race of technology (keeping in mind that this product is a direct competitor of Apple’s Ipad) , the Sony Tablet S and Sony Tablet P had their software updated with Android 4.0.3 OS, also known as Ice Cream Sandwitch. The most important benefit of this upgrade is the fact that the tablets have a streamlined user interface, with a drag&drop folder creation and also the multi-tasking and the internet browser was considerably improved.

After you install the update on your Tablet PC ,  Sony Tablet users will also notice that they can  directly access and view content stored on removable full-sized SD card. This makes Sony Tablet an even more attractive choice for viewing photos and video clips shot on a digital camera or camcorder.  Just slip your camera’s SD card into Sony Tablet and enjoy on the detail-packed touchscreen – or store and share online with PlayMemories, the cloud-based service from Sony.

The software upgrade was initially scheduled for April and later was delayed on 24th of May, yet this software upgrade was released in June.

Sony Tablet P, the dual 5.5″ touchscreen Android tablet, available in stores

Its unusual form factor distributes the weight in a way that never feels unwieldy. Dual 5.5″ touch screens, latest Android™ platform, 4G capable, Sony Entertainment Network with Music Unlimited, Video Unlimited and games for PS Certified devices It also helps that the folding design means you can prop it up on any flat surface

In an official statement Sony has said that it will be bringing Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich OS. to its tablet portfolio this spring – which is the first time the company has actually named a time frame for the update.

Before, Sony would only confirm a ‘coming soon’ but at an event in London, a spokesperson for the company said that ICS would be hitting both the Sony Tablet S and Sony Tablet P in the spring and at the same time.

The clam-shell design reminds you of a glasses case, to some extent. Within are two 5.5-inch capacitive touchscreens, a 1GHz, dual-core Cortex A9 processor and 1GB of RAM.

The bottom of the tablet has a removable cover, under which the battery sits along with the microSD card slot. A 2GB card is supplied by the way, but you can fit as much as 32GB, should the mood take you.

The top cover is also removable, and it is under here that you’ll find the 3G SIM card socket. This is a nice addition, and if you don’t read the manual, it will take you a while to work out where it is.

On the external surfaces there are a few basic buttons and sockets. Sony has opted for a propritary 12v power connector and this can be forund on the right-hand side of the device. Next to it is a power button and there’s a USB 2 socket too. There are also volume controls in the form of a rocker switch that’s fairly hard to press.

Sony cleverly installs Crash Bandicoot on the Tablet P. This is a good idea, because it’s quite a nice showcase of how the dual screens can work. On the lower panel, you see controls for maneuvering Crash about the screen, while gameplay happens on the topmost screen.

The controls are certainly responsive, and you can slide your finger or thumb around, which gives you a more subtle control over the game.

Although touchscreens aren’t the best way to interact with games, the gameplay experience is pretty satisfying and the tablet works reasonably well, and you could certainly learn to get used to it during games.

For gaming it’s great, if you can get used to the touch interface. For video and music the device works well.

Performance-wise, we have no major complaints. It works as it should and it feels snappy and powerful. It’s upgradable in terms of SD card storage, so you can get lots of media on here for your travels.

The Wi-Fi runs great though, though a higher capacity battery won’t do you wrong if you are an addicted gamer or a youtube freak.